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From the Evening Star, January 11, 1913.
By Philander Johnson.

Jes' sittin' still fur a minute or two,
    Lettin' the world buzz away,
As you welcome the shadows that gather anew,
    And wait fur the close of the day;
Watchin' the fire as it flickers an' glows,
    Hearin' the wind's sullen call,
An' not carin' much 'bout how anything goes—
    Jes' sittin' still an' that's all.

Lettin' yer mind drift along with the blaze
    To follow the sparks as they fly
Out with the moonlight that fitfully strays
    Through the clouds that are crossin' the sky;
Out through the year that is hurrying' fast
    To where memories sorrow and smile;
The toil is repaid by the pleasure at last
    Of jes' sittin' still fur a while.

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