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  • The Comforter

    From the Rock Island Argus, February 22, 1915. By Anne P. Field.

    Silent is the house. I sit
    In the twilight and I knit.
    At my ball of soft gray wool
    Two gray kittens gently pull—
    Pulling back my thoughts as well
    From that distant, red-rimmed hell,
    And hot tears the stitches blur
    As I knit a comforter.

    “Comforter” they call it—yet,
    Such it is for my distress,
    For it gives my restless hands
    Blessed work. God understands
    How we women yearn to be
    Doing something ceaselessly—
    Anything but just to wait
    Idly for a clicking gate!

    So I knit this long gray thing
    Which some fearless lad will fling
    Round him in the icy blast,
    With the shrapnel whistling past;
    “Comforter” it may be then,
    Like a mother’s touch again,
    And at last, not gray, but red,
    Be a pillow for the dead!