Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • A Flirtation

    From The Times Dispatch, September 20, 1914. By Dorothy M. Smith.

    I’ve been flirting today with a baby
        In the window right over the way,
    And the neighbors are gossiping, maybe;
        But I don’t care a bit what they say.

    He’s a dear little curly-lashed fellow,
        With eyes that are laughing and sweet;
    His hair is like grain, golden yellow;
        He’s blue shoes, for he showed me his feet.

    He glanced at me, pleasantly smiling,
        As though saying, “I wish you’d remain.”
    Then he tapped on the window beguiling
        And flattened his nose ‘gainst the pane.

    He threw me a kiss for a greeting;
        He showed me the lace on his dress;
    But, ah! Why are moments so fleeting?
        The time came for luncheon, I guess.

    Then I waved him good-by—oh, the saddest—
        And smiled to him over the way,
    And he looked, of all babies, the maddest
        When the nurse came and took him away.

    But sometimes he will peek thro’ the curtain,
        And hold the lace edges apart.
    So I’ll watch every day, for I’m certain
        That baby has broken my heart!