Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • A Song of Content

    From the Newark Evening Star, August 11, 1915. by Dr. F. von Wachter.

    How many million stars must shine
        Which only God can see!
    Yet in the sky His hand has hung
        Ten thousand stars for me!

    How many blossoms bloom and fade
        Which only God can know!
    Yet here’s a field of buttercups
        And here my daisies blow!

    How many wing paths through the blue
        Lure swallows up and down!
    Yet here’s my little garden walk
        And yon’s the road to town!

    How many a treacherous voice has wooed
        Unhappy feet to roam,
    Yet God has taught my willing ear
        The sound of love and home!

    How many lives have kissed and clung
        Since Eve was Adam’s bride,
    But God has given me you, dear girl,
        And I am satisfied!