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  • Grandmother’s Dream

    From the Evening Star, May 6, 1915. By Sydney Dare.

    Mamma said, “Little one, go and see
    If grandmother’s ready to come to tea.”
    I knew I mustn’t disturb her, so
    I stepped very gently along, tip-toe,
    And stood a moment to take a peep,
    And there was grandmother, fast asleep.

    I knew it was time for her to wake
    And thought I’d give her a little shake,
    Or tap at her door, or softly call,
    But I hadn’t the heart for that at all.
    She looked so sweet, and so quiet there,
    Lying back in her high armchair,
    With her dear white hair and a little smile
    That means she’s loving you all the while.

    I didn’t make a speck of noise,
    I knew she was dreaming of little boys
    And girls, who lived with her long ago
    And then went to heaven (she told me so).

    I went close, but I didn’t speak
    One word, but I gave her on her cheek
    The softest bit of a little kiss,
    Just like a whisper, and then said this:
    “Grandmother, dear, it’s time for tea.”
    She opened her eyes and looked at me
    And said, “Why, pet, I have just now dreamed
    Of a little angel who came, and seemed
    To kiss me lovingly on my face.”
    She pointed right at the very place.

    I never told her ’twas only me,
    But took her hand and we went to tea.