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  • The Country Doctor

    From The Topeka State Journal, January 17, 1914. By William F. Kirk.

    Day in, day out, night out, night in,
    Where snow is thick and fees are thin,
    He hustles with his cheery grin
        To fight with ills.
    The drives are long, the nights are cold,
    He suffers hardships left untold
    To call upon some mother old
        Across the hills.

    Little he says about his pay;
    Often he gives his skill away,
    And though he’s getting bent and gray
        He has no wealth.
    His life has been an endless trial,
    His motto has been self-denial;
    Freely he gives from every vial
        For some one’s health.

    The gallant soldier goes away
    While fife and drum and bugle play
    Bravely to conquer or to slay—
        That is his part.
    The country doctor rides alone
    Through rugged roads, o’er stock and stone,
    To heal men, not to make them moan;
        God bless his heart!