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Everyday Art

From the Rock Island Argus, October 26, 1912.
By Duncan M. Smith.

 Art may paint a picture,
   Art may carve a stone,
 Art may write a poem
   That is long on tone.
 Art may put on canvas
   Earth and sky and sea;
 Art that cooks a chicken
   Is the art for me.
 In the world artistic,
   Where the artists fare,
 There are many castles,
   Mostly in the air.
 But for building houses
   You would rather pick
 On the one artistic
   Who can lay a brick.
 Art that’s for the artists
   Who are sad of eye
 And have flowing neckties
   Is in big supply.
 But of art more homely
   That can mend a chair
 For its fat old uncle
   There is none to spare.
 Schools of art are turning
   Out the graduates
 In alarming number,
   Light and heavy weights.
 But for daily plugging
   We would rather meet
 With a line of artists
   Who can mend a street.

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