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From The Washington Herald, October 27, 1912.

 I’ve often wished I could go back
   To childhood’s happy hours,
 When life’s illusions were not lost;
   No thorns among the flowers.
 But never have I longed so much
   To live that glad time o’er,
 As when on Halloween I hear
   “Tick-tack” on pane or door!
 What elfin pranks we boys did play
   Upon the neighbors ‘round
 Until they thought us sprites let loose
   To tease, torment, confound!
 Oh, never can I quite forget
   The joy that would elate,
 As when we stole to schoolmaster’s
   And carried off his gate!
 What traps for the unwary laid;
   We plotted and connived,
 And in the twilight’s misty gloom
   Our evil deeds would thrive.
 And then the jolly games we played!
   Again I hear the glee
 That rang throughout the crowded hall
   When ghostly sights we’d see.
 And then the fun of roasting nuts—
   If I never had enough—
 Upon that night I’d have my fill
   Of apples and sweet stuff!
 Then in a circle round the hearth,
   We’d in the future peer.
 Forebodings evil made us quake,
   And “good luck” signs would cheer.
 I oft, amid life’s strife and care,
   From memory’s storehouse gleam
 That night most dear to all boys’ hearts—
   The night of Halloween!

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