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From the Evening Star, February 19, 1913.
 By Walt Mason.

 Who was it first invented kraut, and put it in a barrel?
 Some scientist should find it out, and deck his tomb with laurel.
 For kraut’s a good old honest dish, and when, with eager talons,
 We throw it in our holds we wish that we could eat three gallons.
 For sauerkraut’s savory and clean, and not the least corrody
 And it contains no nicotine, or benjamin of sody.
 I always give a joyous shout, glad are my feelings inner
 When grandma says she’ll cook some kraut (with other things) for dinner.
 And toward the stove, throughout the day, with anxious eyes I’m looking;
 And neighbors seven miles away all know just what’s a-cooking.
 The incense that you read about around the dump is gropin’
 When granny cooks a mess of kraut and leaves the windows open.
 I see the neighbors going by, they sniff the sauerkraut boiling,
 And often I can hear them sigh: “For kraut I’m fairly spoiling!”
 Ah, sauerkraut is a noble dish, beloved of wise old fogies!
 And why do foolish people wish their weed in plugs or stogies?

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