Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

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    From The Topeka State Journal, February 20, 1913.
     By Roy K. Moulton.
     It isn’t so hard to be happy
         And have everything that you need
     A yacht and a fine automobile
         Which grinds out a wonderful speed;
     Fine porterhouse steak every evening
         And eggs for your breakfast each morn;
     A fine house and lot in the suburbs
         And clothes that are not patched and worn
      A lot of hard coal in the cellar
         A library full of fine books
     A houseful of excellent servants
         Including the finest of cooks
     A trip to the seashore each summer
         And Europe whene’r you would go;
     No,  it isn’t so hard to be happy
         If you’ve got nine millions or so.