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The Bowlers

From The Tacoma Times, March 17, 1913.
 By Berton Braley.

 We started in at half-past two
     To roll for “just a little while,”
 As bowlers very often do,
     An idle moment to beguile;
 At three o’clock I said, “Let’s quit.”
     (I’d won in nearly every frame.)
 My comrade answered, “Nixy. Nit!
     Come on, let’s roll just One More Game!”
 And then we bowled along till four.
     My friend by that time, forged ahead.
 “Aw, say!” he murmured, “It’s a bore.
     Let’s cut it out and quit,” he said.
 But no, it was my turn to shout,
     And so I made my boastful claim:
 “Give me a chance! I’ll beat you out,
     Come on—let’s roll just one more game.”
 We rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled
     And then we rolled and rolled again.
 At home our dinners both grew cold;
     We rolled till nine, till half past ten;
 We rolled until the dawn grew gray
     And searching parties for us came;
 We shrieked as we were dragged away,
     “Come on, let’s roll just ONE MORE GAME.”

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