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  • A Prayer

    From The Tacoma Times, January 30, 1914. By Berton Braley.

    Oh, Master of the World of men
        And Ruler of Eternity,
    Neither with voice nor flowing pen
        Have I asked many things from Thee;
    I have not begged for wealth or fame
        With selfish prayers of little worth,
    Nor have I called upon Thy name
        To smite my enemies to earth.

    Yet now to Thee I raise my eyes
        And lift my voice for Thee to hear;
    No rich and sordid gift I prize,
        No plethora of gold and gear;
    Only this single boon I pray,
        That in a busy world and wide,
    Whether my life be grave or gay,
        I may not grow self-satisfied.

    So, till my final hour is spent,
        Until my work and play are through,
    Lord, let me never be content
        With what I am or what I do;
    Deliver me from smug conceit
        Which clogs the heart and mind in action—
    This is the prayer which I repeat,
        “Lord, guard me from self-satisfaction!”