Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • The Four Lights

    From The Sun, February 8, 1914. By McLandburgh Wilson.

    Four little flames, each burning clear,
    Set out to choose a life career.

    One said: “Within a church I’ll burn
    And thought of men to heaven turn.”

    One said: “I’ll in a lighthouse bide
    And ships upon the ocean guide.”

    One said: “A scholar’s lamp I’ll be
    And knowledge shall be spread by me.”

    One said: “Upon a hearth I’ll glow
    Where only two or three may know.”

    Time snuffed the altar candle out,
    But other faiths still conquered doubt.

    The beacon into darkness fell
    But ships had compass, horn and bell.

    The scholar’s light went out, but then
    He still could learn from life and men.

    But when the hearthflame ash was cold
    All earth no substitute could hold.