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A Notable Difference

From the Evening Star, February 7, 1914. By Philander Johnson.

When a feller gets elected, everything is gay and bright;
Your friends will gather ‘round you and declare that you’re all right;
Your words will be repeated, as they shake you by the hand,
Assuring you your future will be something good and grand.
Those friends appear so numerous that, as you look them o’er,
You wonder why you haven’t seen a lot of them before.
And each looks rather wistful as he joins the cheers so free
And sings his special version of “Then You’ll Remember Me.”

But as the years go rolling by, how many of them say,
“I wonder what he did to get an office, anyway!”
When you’ve done your best to please them, you will hear that tapping sound,
Which tells you that a tribe of Hammer Boys is prowling ‘round.
You think about the beautiful bouquets they used to throw,
And sigh, at realizing that they withered long ago.
For the meetings and the greetings show a very different style
When a feller has been holding public office for a while.

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