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  • The Lord’s Still Runnin’ Things

    From the Rock Island Argus, February 11, 1915. By The Bentztown Bard.

    Lots of complainin’ wherever you go
    Of people not gettin’ the kind of a show
    They think life owes ‘em, while others cry
    The best things always keep passin’ ‘em by,
    And this isn’t right, and that’s all wrong,
    But down in my heart there’s an old, sweet song
    That brings me the lesson, mid all it sings,
    That the Lord in his heaven’s still runnin’ things.

    I wouldn’t go crazy with grief and care
    Even if things went a little square—
    As all things will in their time and place—
    For I’ve always found there’s the same old grace
    And beauty and comfort in loss and pain,
    As there is in moments of triumph and gain—
    In the feelin’ and trust and believin’ that rings
    Through the thought that the Lord is still runnin’ things.

    I pity the sorrowful, God knows that,
    And to those who suffer I doff my hat;
    And I try to be tender to those whose cross
    Is heavy to bear in this world of loss;
    But I can’t believe, as I list to the song
    Of the sweet old faith, that a thing goes wrong
    Without some blessin’ that ere long brings
    The thought that the Lord is still runnin’ things.