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  • The Man Who Had No Chance

    From the Evening Star, November 2, 1913. By S. E. Kiser.

    I used to fret because I thought
        My chances were so few;
    It seemed to me that there was not
        Much left for me to do;
    The splendid things had all been done—
        At least I thought they had—
    I craved a chance, and finding none,
        Considered matters bad.

    I used to list myself with those
        Who had been born too late;
    I had no reason to suppose
        I might be rich or great;
    No chance at all remained for me—
        At least, it seemed so then—
    To win renown or worthily
        Rise o’er my fellow men.

    The great things had been done before
        I came upon the scene;
    There was no chance for me to score,
        My fate was poor and mean;
    I often hopelessly complained
        As I reviewed the case,
    Because no chance for me remained
        To serve the human race.

    And now, as I look back I find
        Myself despondent still;
    I am distressed in heart and mind,
        I claim no happy thrill;
    Condemned to shiver in the cold,
        I cannot now resist
    Sad memories as I behold
        The chances I have missed.