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The Right Road

From The Tacoma Times, November 1, 1913. By Berton Braley.

Where’s the road to happiness,
    Where’s the joyous way?
Where’s the path to Arcady
    Ever blithe as May?
Here be many roads to take,
    Wisdom, there, ahoy!
What’s the proper turn to make
    For the road of joy?

“Take whatever road is straight,
    Carol as you go,
Help a comrade bear his pack
    If it bends him low,
Take your chances as they come,
    Famine days or fat,
If Dame Fortune treat you ill
    Dare to laugh at that!”

What’s the road to Happiness?
    How then shall we make it?
“Tisn’t just the way you TAKE,
    But the WAY you take it!”

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