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  • The Seekers

    From The Sun, June 20, 1915. By Arthur Wallace Peace.

    On life’s high trails two pilgrims met,
    And east and west their ways were set.

    Said one: “I seek the towers tall
    That shelter Merlin’s mystic hall.

    “There shall I learn his secrets grave
    Until the earth shall be my slave.

    “I leave the valley’s peace to roam;
    I bid farewell to love and home.”

    Said one: “I from the heights come down
    To seek the valley kind and brown.

    “There shall I learn from seed and sod
    The quickest pathway unto God.

    “There shall I find my heart’s desire
    Beside a humble hearthside fire.”

    Then on they went with pitying thought,
    Each leaving what the other sought!