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Paying the Fiddler

From The Topeka State Journal, January 27, 1915. By Roy K. Moulton.

I remember way back in ’84,
The folks was madder’n ever before,
When they noticed first the increased expense,
And they have been hollerin’ ever sence.
They holler till they’re sick and sore and lame,
But they keep on payin’ just the same.
They holler till they’re sick and sore and shout
There ain’t one thing they will do without.
For every family in this broad land
Is as good as the next one. Understand?
They caterwaller and they wipe their eyes,
But they don’t seem willing to economize.
When one feller gits some jimcrack new,
The next feller’s got to have one, too.
They all keep digging down in their jeans
And tryin’ to live beyond their means.
If this goes on to the end of time,
The cost of living is going to climb,
Fer when you put on new-fangled frills,
You surely have got to pay the bills.

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