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  • The Prettiest One

    From The Topeka State Journal, September 25, 1914. By Roy K. Moulton.

    The purtiest woman that I ever see,
    I’ll tell you the truth, jest between you an’ me.
    She isn’t no dazzler, and some fellers might
    Not stop to look twice, but she’s my choice all right.
    She’s not so blamed strong for the thing they call style,
    She don’t wear her hair in a half-bushel pile.
    The beauty shops never make much off’n her.
    She don’t have her gowns made in Paris; no, sir!
    She don’t strut around like a peacock and pose.
    She don’t keep a-daubin’ white stuff on her nose.

    I have heard of the beauties of Spain and of France,
    But with me they would not stand a ghost of a chance.
    I have gazed upon paintings of world famous queens,
    And I’ve seen a good many made-up actorines,
    But the woman who used to bounce me on her knee;
    She’s the purtiest woman that I ever see.