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From The Tacoma Times, January 15, 1914. By Berton Braley.

I care not what your place may be,
    A job that’s most laborious
With mighty little salary,
    Or one that’s fat and glorious,
But, be your labor great or small,
    Of this you must be sensible—
Some other guy can do it all,
    No man is indispensable!

When you begin to swell with pride
    And cater to the gallery
And put on lots of “dog” and “side”
    Because they’ve raised your salary,
Why, then’s the time you’ll tumble quick;
    Such ways are indefensible;
Some other guy can do your trick;
    No man is indispensable!

It’s well enough to know your worth
    And know just what to do with it,
But don’t imagine that the earth
    Will quit when you are through with it;
No, it will roll upon its way
    And—what seems reprehensible—
Some other guy will draw your pay;
    No man is indispensable!

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