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The Humorist

From The Tacoma Times, January 13, 1914. By Berton Braley.

I serve the Lords of Laughter,
    I serve the gods of mirth,
I make the world a dafter
    And yet a gladder earth;
When woes grow thick and thicker
    And life seems inky black,
By magic of a snicker
    I drive the sorrows back.

I serve the Lords of Laughter
    And oh, I love to wake
The roar that shakes the rafter
    And makes the midriff quake;
I care not for the flouting
    Of bards who sneer at me
If I can hear the shouting
    Of great and gorgeous glee!

Oh, may the songs I sing you
    Lift every heavy cloud,
And may I always bring you
    Clean laughter, long and loud!
So when I pass hereafter
    This truth the world may tell,
“He served the Lords of Laughter
    And always served them well!”

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