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A Duo In Hades

From the Omaha Daily Bee, January 24, 1914.

Thousands of years, my dear, have ebbed away
Since that forever memorable day
When you discovered the Forbidden Fruit,
And, knowing I should like it, led me to ’t.

And willingly you went, as I recall.
Altho’, of course, they blamed me for the Fall.
Till that momentous day our life was X;
We ate the apple, and discovered—Sex!

And both, as I recall, were tickled pink,
And talked of nothing else. I sometimes think
We gabbed so much that God himself was bored,
And sent an Angel with a flaming sword.

I spoke today with one but newly come.
He tells me that the world is all a-hum
With the self-same discovery that we
In Eden made, beneath the Knowledge Tree.

And nought, I hear, their childish prattle checks;
They gab of Sex, and Sex, and Sex, and Sex.
In books, and plays, and art this subject rules;
I’m told they even teach it in the schools.

The shade but newly-come to Hades saith
That men of sense are being bored to death;
And tho’ he’s damned he counts himself as blest
To ‘scape from Sex, and have eternal rest.

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