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  • Work the Blessing

    From the Newark Evening Star, January 16, 1915. By Ninette M. Lowater.

    Once I thanked God for many a glittering thing
        Which now I know was worthless and which passed
        With things forgotten and behind me cast,
    As I moved onward, borne by time’s swift wing,
    But never thought I then that work could be
        God’s gift, but rather, punishment it seemed;
        And often in my lonely hours I dreamed
    Of days when from its bond I should be free.

    But now I know that work is man’s best friend,
        Heaven’s highest blessing to a world like this;
        And now I ask no longer ease and bliss,
    But only this: “Give me until the end
    Strength for the needed toil as each day passes by.
    When I can work no longer let me die.