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  • Human Experience

    From The Washington Herald, July 19, 1913. By John A. Joyce.

    In the morning of life
    I was filled with ambition
    To roam o’er the world
        And see sights afar;
    But somehow in age
    I am prone to contrition
    At missing the splendors
        That shone in my star.

    Many friends came around me
    In moments of pleasure,
    Who drank at my banquet
        And laughed at my wit.
    Yet when they had found
    That I lost all my treasure
    They left me in sorrow
        And silence to sit.

    The voice of the crowd
    As it rung in my praises
    Awakened a joy
        I imagined would last.
    But, alas, my ambition
    Lies under the daisies
    And the wrecks of my glory
        Are strewn in the past!