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  • Arcadia

    From The Daily Missoulian, December 28, 1914. By Roy K. Moulton.

    A place where I can hang my hat
        And know that I am home;
    A place from whence I well know that
        I’ll never care to roam.
    A place where there is no dissent
        And love reigns e’er supreme;
    Where no one cares how time is spent,
        And I can sit and dream.

    A place where agents do not come
        To spoil a happy day;
    A place where autos do not hum
        Nor alley felines play.
    A place where phonographs don’t rasp
        Nor pianolas pound;
    A place where neighbors do not gasp
        And peddle lies around.

    A place where skeeters do not skeet
        Nor motorcycles chug;
    A quiet and serene retreat
        Without a mike or bug.
    Where time need not be reckoned by
        And I could take my ease;
    Arcadia’s the place where I
        Could do as I darn please.