Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Metamorphosis

    From the Bisbee Daily Review, June 29, 1913.
     By Roy K. Moulton.
     When statesmen go to Washington
         They are brimful of reform.
     They are for the common people
         And they rant and rave and storm.
     Diagnosing the conditions
         They set forth the people’s ills,
     And they load the good old hopper
         With their remedial bills.
     For two weeks in January
         They kick up an awful dust,
     And they blow until you’re fearful
         That they’re really going to bust.
     Then they quiet down serenely
         And no longer tear their hair.
     And the folks in February
         Wonder if they are still there.
     Then the statesmen are forgotten
         Till, along in June we learn
     That the legislative body
         Is getting ready to adjourn.
     It is easy to make speeches
         And of grave reforms to shout,
     But it’s somewhat different when it
         Comes to carryin’ ‘em out.
     Promises are stock in trade with
         Statesmen who are seeking fame,
     But old Ultimate Consumer
         Keeps on digging just the same.