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  • Expectations

    From the Perth Amboy Evening News, November 19, 1914. By James J. Montague.

    The kid that lives next door to me
        Is talkin’ mighty queer.
    He says that Santa Claus won’t be
        A-comin’ round this year.
    He says we’re poorer than we was
        An’ that’s why he is sure
    That Santa Claus won’t come, because
        He doesn’t like the poor.

    I guess I know we’re poor, all right.
        My dad ain’t got no job,
    An’ all my mother does at night
        Is lay awake an’ sob.
    But I should think old Santa’d know
        That ‘count o’ this here war
    Us kids that’s boosted for him so
        Would need him all the more.

    He must be rich as rich can be,
        For every Christmas day
    The papers tells about how he
        Gives loads o’ toys away.
    I ain’t expectin’ him to bring
        A very awful lot,
    But gee! I’d like some little thing
        To show he ain’t forgot!