Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Under Harvest Moon

    From The Times Dispatch, November 2, 1914.

    Last year the harvest moon looked down
        On bounteous fields of grain,
    A peaceful scene where lovers strolled
        Along the shady lane.

    In happy homes the mothers sang
        Their evening lullaby,
    And little children had no fear
        Of danger lurking nigh.

    But now the demon war is loosed
        And terrors fill the night,
    The dangers of the burning home,
        The dangers of the fight.

    Mothers and children hide and wait,
        They listen, fear, and pray,
    While shells are bursting all around
        And armies pass their way.

    Tonight upon the harvest field,
        The moon is shining bright,
    Where soldier forms lie mute and still
        With faces ghastly white.

    Oh, what a reaping! Oh, what loss!
        The flowers of earth cut down—
    The voice of mourning in the field
        And by the ruined town!