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A First-Rate Book

From The Detroit Times, December 30, 1913. By Berton Braley.

I’ve been reading of slaughter and battle,
    Of glory and gumption and gore,
Of raids upon foemen and cattle
    And hair-raising stunts by the score.
Of heroes of mightiest bravery,
    Of villains with records unsavory,
Of righteousness, evil and knavery,
    And plenty of olden time lore.

I’ve been reading some lovely romances
    And tales of adventure, as well,
Of men who took uttermost chances
    And braved any fate that befell.
I’ve reveled, with eyes that were glistery,
    In fairy tales, magic and mystery,
Theology, logic and history,
    And poems that none can excel.

And I read all of this in one volume,
    One volume I’d never looked through
Till I plunged in its close-printed column—
    And its treasures lay bare to my view.

So I learned, after decades unheeding,
    What wise men have long been conceding,
That the Bible is chuck full of reading,
    And mighty good stuff it is, too!

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