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A Great Leader

From The Birmingham Age Herald, October 21, 1914.

An Emporer went to the front,
    With colors proudly flying;
His soldiers bore the battle’s brunt,
    The wounded and the dying.

Upon a hill he viewed the scene,
    Beyond the range of firing,
Or telephoned his troopers keen
    With energy untiring.

At noon he scarcely stopped to take
    A cup o’ tea to warm him,
Brewed by a chef too prone to quake
    Lest anything should harm him.

The shades of night came down ere long
    And closed the bloody battle,
And quiet reigned the hosts among,
    Save for the foe’s death rattle.

Informed the victory was won,
    The monarch’s heart grew lighter
And much he plumed himself upon
    His prowess as a fighter.

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