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A Long Wait

From The Birmingham Age-Herald, February 27, 1913.

 “In twenty years from now,” said Pete,
 “Just look for me on Easy street.”
 The time went by, with hopeful air
 We looked and found he wasn’t there.
 But one whom we did question said,
 The while he wagged a hoary head,
 “I once did know a fellow who
 Lived back this way, a mile or two,
 “He might have been the man you seek.
 He earned, I think, twelve plunks a week.
 “And had so large a family,
 From debt he never did get free.
 “And when at last he closed his eyes
 And went, I hope, to Paradise,
 “He whispered, ere his spirit passed,
 ‘I’ve come to Easy street at last!’”

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