Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • A Philosopher

    From The Birmingham Age-Herald, March 8, 1913.
     There lived a happy man one time
         Who ne’er was known to sigh;
     He simply spat tobacco juice
         And watched the world go by.
     In winter time he sought a stove,
         In summer by a stream
     He stretched himself in careless ease,
         Well pleased to rest and dream.
     The busy turmoil of this life
         Did not appeal to him;
     He had no brilliant plans mapped out
         For keeping “in the swim.”
     The song of birds was sweet to hear,
         He loved the skies of blue
     And when the sun beamed on the earth
         It warmed him through and through.
     “A worthless chap,” some people said,
         Who did not understand,
     Merely because he scorned to work
         With head or foot or hand.
     But life was passing sweet to him,
         And though without a cent,
     He often laughed at millionaires
         Who knew far less content.