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A Plea for the Teacher

From the Omaha Daily Bee, January 9, 1914. By Philander Johnson.

If I were a youngster and were going back to school,
I don’t believe that I’d annoy the teacher, as a rule;
For teachers have a serious time. They’re busy day by day
Discovering the shorter cuts that lead to Wisdom’s way.
And sometimes when you hold tomorrow’s lesson in great dread,
Your teacher’s working hard upon the lesson just ahead.
She’s always striving earnestly her duty to fulfill
And hoping you’ll all like her—which I’m confident you will.

Remember that her feelings may be very much like yours
Regarding the restraints which every studious mind endures.
She’d very much prefer a vastly longer holiday,
No doubt she’s fond of skating or of riding in a sleigh.
Don’t picture her a tyrant with a hard and haughty heart.
She’ll try to help you like her if you’ll only make a start.
Don’t bother her with mischief and with foolish little jokes.
A teacher values kindness just the same as other folks.

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