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A Wise Nonadvertiser

From the Omaha Daily Bee, September 24, 1912.
By W. J. Lampton.

 There was a man in our town
   And he was wondrous wise;
 He opened many places, yet
   He wouldn’t advertise.
 He thought it foolish to announce
   His business as some think
 They ought to do, and said he had
   No need of printer’s ink.
 Promotion of publicity
   He said, was something which
 The more he had of, that much less
   His chance of getting rich.
 He said he’d studied it and knew
   That advertising would
 Beyond the shadow of a doubt
   Do more harm than good.
 Indeed, this man in our town
   Was truly wondrous wise;
 He was a burglar, which is why
   He didn’t advertise.

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