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Ad Infinitum

From the Omaha Daily Bee, December 11, 1912.

 Most everybody’s busy—
     I pity him that ain’t—
 There are millions and millions of dolls to dress,
     And millions of pictures to paint;
 There are millions of knots of ribbon to tie
     And millions of loops to crochet;
 And the days and hours are galloping on
     Right up to Christmas Day.
 There are infinite numbers of bundles to wrap
     And millions of greetings to write;
 If we should attempt to count them all
     The figures would climb out of sight.
 And think of the millions of parcels to tie
     And the millions of stickers to stick ‘em.
 And think of the millions and billions of stamps
     That are waiting for people to lick ‘em.
 There’ll be millions and millions of tapers bright
     All over this great U. S.;
 As many as there are twinkling stars
     In the frosty heavens, I guess.
 And there’ll be millions of stockings small
     Whose hungry tops will be yawning
 And millions of jobs for Santa Claus
     ‘Twixt now and Christmas morning.

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