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An Opinion From Punkin Hollow

From the Rock Island Argus, February 13, 1913.
 By S. E. Kiser.

 There’s always something goin’ on to make the cowards quake with dread
 And set around and talk about the dangers that are on ahead;
 I’ll bet you that when Caesar fell the folks who kept the stores in Rome
 Expected that the mobs would rise to drive them out of house and home;
 But things kept goin’ right along, the old world never swerved a jot
 And in a little while the crowds went back to workin’ and forgot.
 When Cromwell got his dander up and went to knockin’ things about
 I’ll bet that lots of folks supposed the world was goin’ up the spout;
 The radicals, I s’pose, were blamed for recklessly destroyin’ trade
 And probably wild howls went up for all the changes that were made.
 But England didn’t go to smash. In fact the rip-up helped a lot,
 And in a little while the crowds went back to workin’ and forgot.
 It’s always been the same old cry. We hear it every now and then;
 Some man that ain’t afraid steps out and does things for his fellow men.
 And they throw up their hands and say, because his way is strange or new,
 That he has knocked the bottom out and things will soon be fallin’ through.
 But gener’ly it happens that what needs upsettin’ gets upsot,
 And when the crowds get back to work the whole affair is soon forgot.

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