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Bloody Ludlow

From The Voice of the People, July 14, 1914. By Lone Wolf.

The miners brave in Ludlow town,
By scabby gunmen were shot down,
When hunger’s pangs made them rebel
Against their daily, living hell.

Oh! Workers, rally to their aid!
Honor the stand the miners made!
Shall all their efforts be in vain
And gunmen’s bullets end their pain?

The gunmen poured in by the score
To welter in the miner’s gore;
With rifle, torch and Gatling gun,
These murderous thugs did riot run.

They murdered babes and women, too,
Those hell-hounds, cursed, the pirate crew;
While Oily John, with smile benign
Said, “God is good to me and mine.”

“I own this country,” said John D.;
“Back to the mines and slave for me!
If you dare go on strike for bread
My brave Militia will feed you lead.

“I own the land, I own the mines,
Rail, steel and oil, the sun that shines;
I own the Press, the Church, the State,
From Mexico to the Golden Gate.”

The miners now, in bitter strife
Are fighting hard to maintain life.
Come workers now, from every land,
And give our Comrades there a hand.

Let Revolution’s dawn awake!
The world for the workers’ take!
Let “Colorado” be our cry;
The time has come to win or die.

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