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  • Courage

    From the New York Tribune, October 15, 1912.
    By Edgar A. Guest.
     Discouraged, eh? The world looks dark,
       And all your hopes have gone astray;
     Your finest shots have missed the mark,
       You’re heartsick and discouraged, eh?
     Plans that you built from all went wrong,
       You cannot seem to find the way
     And it seems vain to plod along,
       You’re heartsick and discouraged, eh?
     Take heart! Each morning starts anew,
       Return unto the battle line;
     Against far greater odds than you
       Brave men have fought with courage fine.
     Despite the buffetings of fate,
       They’ve risen, time and time again,
     To stand, face front and shoulders straight
       As leaders of their fellow men.
     And you, now blinded by despair,
       Heartsick and weary of the fight,
     On every hand beset by care,
       Can, if you will, attain the light.