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Cyrus Bottsford’s Candid Opinion

From the Rock Island Argus, February 8, 1913.
 By S. E. Kiser.

 There’s a lot of folks who always keep a-growlin’ at the rich;
 Every man who has a million they’d have put in boilin’ pitch;
 They will not forgive a person who contrives to get along
 But I don’t believe that havin’ lots of cash is always wrong.
 Mind I don’t pretend to argue that the rich are always right;
 There are lots of men with millions that have souls as black as night;
 But I’ve studied the thing over, and I guess there’s one thing sure:
 It’s no sign a man is noble just because he’s keepin’ poor.
 I’ve a sort of crazy notion that there may be here and there
 Some rich man who’ll go to heaven and secure a crown to wear
 For I’ve met some wealthy people as I’ve traveled round about
 That I don’t believe that heaven can afford to do without.
 And I’ve got another notion which I’d like to have you know-
 All the poor may go to heaven; I can’t half believe it, though.
 There are poor men who are worthy, but I can’t help feelin’ sure
 That you’ll not get past St. Peter just because you have been poor.

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