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From The Detroit Times, October 21, 1913. By Berton Braley.

I cannot bear to let you go,
It’s but a little while, I know,
And yet my anxious heart picks out
A thousand dangers round about,
A thousand chances I can see
That might take you away from me.

There are such ills that lurk in wait,
So many evil turns of fate,
So many slinking deaths that leer,
So much to fill the soul with fear,
That my forebodings will not flee
Till you come safely back to me.

For when you gave to me your love
So splendid seemed the wonder of
That perfect gift, I could not deem
That it was other than a dream,
A magic vision of delight
Which presently could take its flight.

Yet now I know my dream is true,
I still have fear of losing you,
Thinking somehow you are too high
Too fair and sweet for such as I,
And that some Prince of Love, maybe
Will take your love away from me.

There are so many hearts that seek,
So many facile tongues that speak,
So much of grace and power displayed
That I, who love you, am afraid,
Afraid of all the world—and so,
I cannot bear to let you go!

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