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Forgetting the Day

From the Omaha Daily Bee, November 24, 1912.
By S. E. Kiser.

 Your cheeks have lost their youthful glow
     Your hair is getting gray
 We, side by side, in weal and woe
     Have come a long, long way.
 ’Tis far to where you learned to care
     And where I taught you how
 Your girlish glee is gone and there
     Are lines across your brow.
 ’Tis long since I have gladly bent
     To whisper love to you
 ’Tis long that we have been content
     To prosper with the few.
 I’ve done no wrong to bring regret
     Or cause you to repine
 But it is long since you have let
     Your hand steal into mine.
 Come, let us stray back o’er the way
     To where enchantment lies
 And there, in fancy, all the day
     Be youthful and unwise.
 With lavish praise I’ll make you glad
     And whisper love again—
 Come, let us be a lass and lad
     Alone in Lovers’ Lane.
 Dear, let us steal from jealous Time
     A precious hour of bliss
 And you, still girlish and sublime
     Shall claim a lover’s kiss—
 ’Tis far to where we learned to care
     But we will find the way
 Come, sweetheart, let us journey there
     Forgetting for a day.

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