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From Wishing Land

From The Birmingham Age Herald, July 28, 1914. By Robert Louis Stevenson.

Dear lady, tapping at your door
    Some little verses stand,
And beg on this auspicious day
    To come and kiss your hand.

Their syllables all counted right,
    Their rhymes each in its place,
Like birthday children at the door,
    They wait to see your face.

Rise, lady, rise and let them in;
    Fresh from the fairy shore,
They bring you things you wish to have,
    Each in its pinafore.

For they have been to Wishing Land
    This morning in the dew,
And all your dearest wishes bring—
    All granted—home to you.

What these may be they would not tell
    And could not if they would;
They take the packets sealed to you
    As trusty servants should.

But there was one that looked like Love,
    And one that smelt of Health,
And one that had a jingling sound—
    I fancy it was Wealth.

Ah well, they are but wishes; still
    O lady fair, for you,
I know that all you wish is kind,
    O pray it all come true.

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