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From The Daily Missoulian, December 11, 1914.

There’s no one in this whole world who knows as much as grandpa does.
I sometimes think that he must be the wisest man that ever was.
He can predict the weather better than the regular weather man;
He doesn’t always guess it right, but then, no other feller can.

He always tells us, far ahead, how all elections will come out;
He’s seen so many hot campaigns as never has the slightest doubt.
Of course, he often makes mistakes, and very seldom calls the turn,
But there are very few who can, that is so far as I can learn.

He’s got a safe, sure remedy for every ill that man can find;
There’s no disease that he can’t cure or none that I can call to mind;
Of course, sometimes they don’t get well, but that is just part of the game;
A lot of doctors that I know in this town must admit the same.

His knowledge is as free as air; he always peddles out advice
Without the form of being asked; his wisdom is beyond all price.
Some fellows who have followed it have made their fortunes; some have not;
For grandpa’s human like the rest, although he’s liked an awful lot.

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