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  • Great

    From The Times Dispatch, September 9, 1913. By Roy K. Moulton.

    It’s great to have a million;
        A feller can stand pat;
    Or e’en a hundred thousand—
        A man can live on that.
    And fifty thousand dollars
        Is not so very bad;
    If I could get but thirty
        I’d be most mighty glad.
    I might say that five thousand
        Would look real swell to me,
    Or even say twelve hundred,
        It’s not so bad to see.

    Five hundred ain’t so fancy,
        Some folks would think it tame;
    But I would take one hundred
        And be glad just the same.
    And get right down to fifty,
        Some people call it small,
    But twenty-five is better
        Than having none at all.
    Ten dollars ain’t so many,
        You say, but man alive,
    I’ll give you my opinion,
        It’s great to have a five.