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Home, Sweet Home

From the Omaha Daily Bee, October 6, 1912.

 Home, sweet home! How many men
   Have sung that song the world around,
 And longed to find themselves again
   Upon that sweetly hallowed ground!
 The sailor on the distant sea,
   The hunter high upon the hill,
 Each of them dwelling tenderly
   Upon its sweet relations still!
 The love of kindred fills the place
   To keep it beautiful and sweet
 Through all the years that come apace,
   And whatsoever we may meet.
 Nor ever man so base but tears
   Have dimmed his eyes the way along
 For knowing through the long, long years
   The truth of that immortal song.
 Home, sweet home! The world grows old,
   But that sweet song is ever young,
 And will retain its tender hold.
   So long as ever songs are sung,
 There is no other place the same,
   Wherever human feet may wend.
 And in that song we shall acclaim
   Our great love for it to the end.

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