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In Her Old Dreams There

From The Birmingham Age Herald, March 10, 1914.

There’s a bloom upon her beauty
    In her old dreams there,
In the corner by the window
    In her old arm chair.
There is snow upon the ringlets
    That were golden in a day
Ere the dreams were like the roses
    That the years blow away.

There’s a glow of something lovely
    In her person as of old,
And the tune her lips are crooning
    Is as bright as virgin gold.
There’s a twinkle in her eyes yet,
    And upon her lips a gleam,
As she sits beside the window,
    In her old, old dream.

Ah, little snowy lady,
    Would that time might never know
A moment you must vanish
    As the dust the breezes blow.
For it’s such a gift of beauty
    To behold you sitting there,
In the old dreams by the window
    In your old arm chair.

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