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  • In the Maze

    From the Rock Island Argus, November 26, 1912.
    By Duncan M. Smith.
     What a crisscross maze is life
         Take it any way you choose
     In the never ending strife
         As you gain and as you lose!
     Luck is with you now and then
         As you hurry for your goal
     Twisting through the maze again
         You are pitched into a hole.
     Out of it you scramble up,
         Hoping to do mighty deeds
     Still of sorrow you must sup
         Ere your budding hope succeeds.
     How you struggle, how you groan,
         As you buckle to your task
     Just to make success your own,
         Just in fortune’s smile to bask!
     But it isn’t all a frost.
         There are seasons to be gay.
     Hope is never wholly lost
         Joys are blooming on your way.
     There’s a path to your success
         You will find it after while
     If you seek with cheerfulness
         And you don’t forget to smile.