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Jes’ As Sure As Christmas

From the Omaha Daily Bee, December 14, 1912.

 Take it when a fellow’s naughty ‘long about this time of year
 When you count the days a comin’ ‘fore old Santa Claus is here
 There is some one to remind you to be careful and be good
 Or the old chap will forget you and jes’ pass the neighborhood.
 I’ve heard it every Christmas time, and once I used to think
 That everything they said was so, and scarcely dared to wink;
 But I’m a little wiser now and only smile today
 For Santa always seems to come no matter what they say.
 “Now, Willie,” says my mother, “If you’re not a better boy,
 And don’t stop doin’ all these things which trouble and annoy,
 I fear that Santa Claus will jes’ drive past on Christmas eve,
 And not a single present from his pack will stop to leave.”
 But, even as she says it, I can see a half-way smile
 And I know she’s only scarin’ me and foolin’ all the while.
 I don’t believe that Santa Claus could bear to stay away;
 At any rate he always comes no matter what they say.

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