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  • Just Gladness

    From the Rock Island Argus, November 23, 1912.
    By Duncan M. Smith.
     Oh, gladness is a splendid thing
         For bards to write about
     When they are very sorely pressed
         And subjects have run out!
     Their souls may not be soaked in joy
         To match the gentle strain
     And they may have a grouch so large
         That it would block a train.
     But still they write of cheerfulness
         As though it were a part
     Of their existence and it gushed
         In torrents from their heart.
     They put aside their aching tooth,
         The bill they cannot pay,
     The rent that’s always overdue,
         And then they work away.
     Great gobs of gladness is their theme,
         The first that comes to hand.
     They tell the people they should use
         This one and only brand.
     But do they use a bit themselves—
         I mean outside their rime—
     With which to make a brighter world?
         I fear they haven’t time.
     O gladsome gladness, you’re the goods
         For use in daily life
     Far better than the grim old grouch
         Which leads to care and strife!
     And if the poet does not feel
         The impulse of his song
     You’ll find that the advice is good
         Enough to take along.